Facebook Boosting

Promotion and Boosting

Promotion and Boosting

All the perks and none of the headache – we’re all about making your digital marketing dreams come true! Starting from 85 taka per USD.

The easy way out for getting sales on Facebook.

Immediate ad placement
Trying to get hold of someone who can boost for you? You no longer need to look. Upload products, click Boost, tell us your preferences, and done! You’ll pay minimum USD 1 per day. You need no credit cards or bank accounts. But yes, you do need great pictures for your ads to do well!

Close more sales
Ever seen how a product pops up on your newsfeed when you have looked for it on Amazon or other websites? The best way to place effective ads, is to target people who have already seen your products. At Host Dhaka, we try to do that for you. Of course, you need to build your database first!


High transparency
So Mr X, from Group Y was charging you BDT 65 per US Dollar. That’s not possible. Know how much you spent and how many people you have reached without depending on others. We can’t give you “competitive” rates as Mr X, but we can give you better control!