Commercial Software

Commercial software is any software or program that is designed and developed for licensing or sale to end users or that serves a commercial purpose. Commercial software in Bangladesh is basically, a software that provides helping hand in organizing commercial data and information regarding L/C tasks, License, Work Order, Export, Import, Report like Back to Back Liability Coverage Report, Monthly Export Import etc.

Features of our Commercial Software

    • Record commercial information
    • Record LC details
    • After production, Packaging, Shipment information
    • Yarn Purchase Requisition
    • Yarn Work Order
    • Dyes and Chemical Work Order
    • Bill of Lading & Shipment confirmation
    • Buyer wise Sales Control
    • Manage Buyer Wise Master LC/ and Back to Back LC
    • BTB LC Opening & Amendment
    • Create Commercial Invoice Create Packing List
    • Create Delivery Challan
    • Create Shipment Advice
    • Create Bill of exchange
    • Create EXP form
    • Forwarding Letter
    • Acceptance Clearance
    • BTB Liability Coverage Report
    • BTB or Margin LC Report
    • Order Wise Export Invoice Report
    • Export Statement as of today
    • Monthly Export Import

In the current economic situation, Bangladesh is mostly dependent on its imported products mostly. The export of production rate is also increasing day by day. In these type of business, exchanging, noting data and information related to it, are very complex and difficult to communicate. Commercial software in Bangladesh provides help to these business entities by providing a world class solution for the import export complexity and commercialization for a company.

As Bangladesh is on its way towards the digital age, the dependence on software industry is becoming a common issue for the large organizations. Commercial software in Bangladesh serves the customers to make their business run more smoothly and fastly. The large organizations as well small organizations are taking the support of the software companies that have been providing them with amazing effective software. Moreover, the growing Garments and Apparel industries in Bangladesh needs this software most. The huge number of employees and numerical amounts of tasks make it difficult to operate for the employees. Besides most of these companies have import or export issues which are most often times a huge hassle for them to manage and organize. Commercial software in Bangladesh makes the task easy for them. It works like a magic for them, the way it sorts all the tasks so easily. Most of the companies do have their information & Technology department who works on these type of developments. Butin most cases, they are not experienced enough to make professional software. The professional software companies in Bangladesh has made it quite comfortable for them by providing quality software. Commercial software in Bangladesh has boosted up the operations of a business. It`slikes a lamp in every business operation that lit up the operations and helps the managers to create a clear vision of the company goals. The customer relationship management is also another task that this commercial software in Bangladesh performs.

Commercial software in Bangladesh as a module software that consists of few other feature software. This software basically works on data processing and management of various shipment dates, necessary LC regulated information, communication with suppliers or customers, managing legal work, identifying legal for the company etc. The commercial software carries out the following programs.

Export LC/ Sales Contract Collection & Amendment

A letter of credit (LC) also recognized as a Documentary Credit, is a written commitment by a bank issued after a request by an importer (foreign buyer) that payment will be made to the beneficiary (exporter) provided that the terms and conditions stated in the LC been met, as evidenced by the presentation of specified documents and data. Commercial software in Bangladesh keeps the collection of Export LC data and sales contract information. It also can be amended according to the necessity of the both parties. The commercial software makes it comfortable for an easy business dealing. The supplier and the customer both can evaluate all the information regarding the deal, and then if both the parties are willing to make the contract, then the deal is done. All of these activities can be operated through the commercial software.

Audited PI Receive from Merchandising Department

It is a document that states a commitment on part of the seller to deliver the products or services as notified to the buyer for a specific price. The commercial software in Bangladesh provides service regarding Audited Proforma Invoice as well.

BTB LC Opening & Amendment

The software also provides help in tracking various information regarding the LC opening and amendment issues. It helps the manager or authority in organizing these complex activities in a more easy, convenient way.

Shipment & Updated Schedule Monitoring for ETA Fact

Large business corporation softens have to run several projects at a time. The software helps the manager to organize and enlist all the data in a very easy process. It optimizes the business profit by providing an easy platform to monitoring, scheduling dates and activities in a more effective structure.

Suppliers Document Receive & Acceptance

Most often times, it is difficult to communicate with the suppliers in the manual process. That’s why large business corporations now use commercial software for their necessary documents exchange and communication. It saves a lot of time and energy for them.

Acceptance Clearance

When the product specification is made to the suppliers and the product is ready, then comes the legal works that both the parties need to participate. When the product is in the shipment process the commercial software produces the aid to share and transfer the necessary documents between the suppliers and customers.


The commercial software in Bangladesh are also customizable. The user can customize the software according to their requirements and needs. The software companies are also working hard to bring up new features for the business corporations. The highly technological infrastructure of these companies can provide any type of feature for the business entities.

Benefits of using our commercial software

Commercial software in Bangladesh is improving, innovating, improvising day by day. Today, most of the large business corporations are dependent on this commercial software in Bangladesh. It is expected that the software industry is going to create a boom in the economy of Bangladesh very soon. The following are the benefits that the commercial software in Bangladesh provides.Automating your business: Garments Commercial Software always helps you to execute the commercial tasks more easily and perfectly. From the purchasing to shipment, during this time our garments commercial software automates your tasks regarding all types of commercial activities.Security: Security is a pivotal issue for any business organization. Keeping critical information secret is a matter of a headache for the business entities. Commercial software in Bangladesh provides maximum safety to any business entities. As software plays an important role in regulating almost all the managerial works it often contains important and secret information of a company. But the secret login systems decrease the chance of information getting leaked as only very few highly officials have control on it. Compare to all the commercial software in Bangladesh, our commercial software is secure.


The activities and data in a software can be changed or edited in the software. It provides various features at a time that provides various services. Like, the commercial software in Bangladesh usually consists of several other modular software. This software provides a manager to perform multitasking at a time which eventually excels the company activities. Compare to all the commercial software in Bangladesh, our commercial software is flexible.


Companies can make their tasks more transparent and fair through commercial software. The software makes the work of the supervisors easier by providing an easy platform to supervise the activities of the employees. Also, a software helps to build a very effective and easy communicative system for the employees, as a result transparency are maintained in a good manner in the organization.


Large companies often have to deal with large numbers. It is most often times difficult to operate in a manual way. Most of the companies keep many employees to handle their day to day transactions. But the commercial software can be a blessing for those companies.With the help of this commercial software, companies can easily access and maintain their regular financial activities in a very accurate way. Compare to all the commercial software in Bangladesh, our commercial software is effective.


The software creates a platform for the employees to communicate each other. The employees now report to their supervisor at any time from anywhere with the help of the software. Besides, the supervisor also can contact all the workers and employees to send a message, he can do it pretty easily with the help of commercial software.

Dynamic Modular Structure

There are many operations an organization has to perform every day. It is often difficult for higher officials to operate all these successfully. But the commercial software in Bangladesh would help them in controlling and leading all the activities efficiently.

Production & Tracking Facility

The production and tracking facility of the commercial software provides the client with information of products and updates of the product locations.The companies can observe production rate, and by comparing it and interpreting the data, they can take steps to cope with the market by reducing or increasing the production rate. They also can get the latest updates of their product locations which are helpful for them during transportation or shipment process.


The commercial software is quite user-friendly: It’s easy to use, faster than anything, customizable, accessible and communicable from anywhere. So now large and small corporations are taking software to operate their regular activities.

Web Based

Nowadays, the internet is available almost in every village to cities. It had made software usage more efficient. As a result of it, companies are enjoying the benefit of large space on the internet. People now can store their important data and research stuffs in cloud storage. Itis very safe and convenient to store important files in the cloud. Commercial software in Bangladesh provides both the desktop version and cloud version of storage. Also, managers now can get access to important information from anyplace and that would help them in taking important decisions.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is the system of ensuring parts and products remain in stock to avoid shortages, overstocks, and other costly problems. The commercial software with intuitive inventory control and designed for those who want to keep their business accounts clear and up to date without having to depend on the knowledge, availability or preferences of their accountant.


As a small business owner, keeping up-to- date with invoicing is essential. Aside from it being the only way the clients or customers will pay, it is also essential for annual tax checkup for any company. Having well presented and easy to understand invoices will make the business profile look more professional, so making sure you are using the right invoicing tool is important.