CRM software From Host Dhaka

In the modern epoch, all types of businesses rely on technology. From marketing to production, everything is getting automated. Automation in business smoothen the procedure of business and eventually helps to gain more profit for any type of business organization. CRM solutions are momentous for all types of business whatever its a small, medium or large business as every business needs to deal with its clients. CRM software is a type of application that allows a business manager to deal with marketing and sales in an automated process. Customer relationship management software includes managing sales, customer’s information, customer’s inquiries, purchasing history, buying preference, direct mailing, marketing management (via social media & email) etc. CRM software helps to the decision makers to take decisions and forecast about the business. Marketing Campaign can be made after taking the analysis of the sales and the preference of the customers on a specific geographical location by a CRM software.

Basic characteristics of CRM software

The main purpose of CRM software is to automate the marketing system and maintaining the relationship with the customers in an automated way to obtain the maximum amount of profit and turning the present customers to the returning customers. CRM system has some common features.

Automating marketing system

CRM software helps the marketing managers out in the digital marketing campaigns. CRM software can be linked with the social medias to run the marketing posts. It can also be linked with the email system to send the automatic or manual email to the customers in a scheduled manner. CRM software also shows the manager about the preference of the customers by displaying the analytical reports of sales of a particular item in a particular place.

Maintaining customer relation

Maintaining the relationship with the customers is one of the biggest function of the CRM system. Storing the information of the customers, purchasing history of the individual customer, the inquiry of the customer etc. are also included in this section. One of the special feature of CRM is that it generates an auto-generated reply from the system for the common inquiries. It can also generate scheduled message to the previous clients for maintaining a good relationship with the clients as well as turning them into returning clients.

Business forecasting

Through the data from the CRM software. You can very well understand and perceive the choice of the customers i.e. which product is demanded more from the customers. You can also get the review reports from the customers. Graphical representation of the previous sales can also be achieved by the CRM solution. From these pieces of information, the business leader can take the decision on the future steps of the organization.


CRM software for small, medium and larger companies.

CRM software for small business is not indifferent from the CRM software for mega-conglomerate. The basic difference is that CRM solution for small enterprise inputs and outputs fewer data and giant company enters and receives a huge amount of data. Sometimes, CRM software for the giant company has a large number of features or modules within the software. Small and medium enterprises use the cloud server for the software to get rid of the hassle of maintaining the server by their own. Big companies have enough manpower, sometimes separate IT department for maintaining the server of the software. So, they prefer desktop based CRM software. Desktop based software are more user-friendly. Data can be stored and fetched within a least possible time. But there is always a hassle of maintaining the server for desktop based software.

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Our support

We always work for the benefit of our clients. So, we provide 24/7 assistance to our client. From training to upgradations of the software, we remain yourself involve with our client. We help our customers regarding the database management and server installation. After the delivery of the software, we usually provide three to six-month free support.